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Natural Diamonds

A deep dive into our product offerings - Exclusive Naturally Mined Diamond solitaires ranging from 0.50 to 25.00 Cts plus in size, D to L colors and FL to I1 clarities.


Classic Round Brilliant

Round Brilliants have the most sparkle and brilliance among all diamond shapes. Round Brilliants are the most coveted and desired shape in the world of diamonds. Venus Round Brilliant diamonds are made with the most stringent standards of cut, polish and symmetry. More than 95% of our Rounds are judged Triple EX for excellence in cut, polish and symmetry. We pay meticulous attention to the superfine polish and proportionately faceted girdles, among other intricate details.

Sparkling Diamond

Diamond Outline

Hearts & Arrows

Modern Shapes

A result of our continuous endeavour for excellence and consistency across products is that we are among the top companies in the world to manufacture 2-5 carat fancy shaped diamonds.

Our manufacturing expertise is focused on creating brilliance in every diamond we polish and is evident from the fact that more than 80% of our fancies are rated Double EX for polish and symmetry.

Square-Edged Shapes

The straight edges is what sets these apart. They are a favourite for many because of the modern, elegant look they bring to the jewellery they are set in.

Round-Edged Shapes

Soft rounded edges differentiate round edged fancy diamonds from more angular square or rectangular shapes. We are known for our precision and symmetry throughout the industry in all these shapes. Through years of Research and Development, we have also been able to achieve maximum light performance, sparkle and negligible number of diamonds with bow tie effect.

Matched Pairs

Whether in life or in diamonds, finding the perfect partner is not easy. Venus Jewel helps simplify this quest through our proprietary Matched Pair tool. Starting with one diamond the Matched Pair casts an eye across the entire breadth of our inventory to find the right match. In addition to comparing diamonds across twenty aspects of the Venus Grading System, Matched Pair tool also uses wireframe overlays to make facet-to-facet evaluation between stones. This process, unique to Venus Jewel, helps ensure we find a second diamond that is nearest match to the first, as nature would allow. As the world's leading producer of high-quality diamonds Venus Jewel has the most exclusive and potentially matched pairs.

Shape Carat Weight Depth Table L:W
Oval 3.01 65.2% 56% 1.36
Oval 3.06 64.1% 63% 1.34


Venus Jewel diamonds are certified by the most trusted and well- known laboratories in the world - Gemological Institute of America [GIA], International Gemological Institute [IGI], Hoge Raad Voor Diamant [HRD] and Forevermark [FM].

Each diamond is accompanied by a Venus Grading Report (VGR), which further details the particular diamond’s characteristics. This allows buyers to assess the diamond accurately, whether online or while inspecting it physically. 24 attributes described by the Venus Grading Report make it a very transparent and trustable choice.